Safe Straws
“Merv has Huntington’s disease and had a frightening choking episode in July 2014.  His speech pathologist suggested a special cup but she was concerned he still had to tilt his head back to drink.   She suggested he try a SafeStraw. We had not heard of them before but Merv was happy to give it a try. 
We were relieved he could enjoy his favourite drinks without altering their taste or thickness.  Through trial and error we found which SafeStraw worked well with his range of drinks. I found the purchase of a box of mixed (blue & white) SafeStraws worked well as a starter kit.   
I now have straws in my handbag, car and plenty at home. Merv's social clubs pick up a bag with his straws each time they pick him up.  I have demonstrated how to use the straws to his numerous social club staff members, support workers who visit Merv at home each week and residential staff during his respite visits.   
I have ensured a poster with photos of the: cylinder, float, valve and straw are available to everyone who provides drinks to him.  This has been very useful.  The only problem we encountered was residential staff placing the straw in the wrong end of the cylinder!  We directed them to take time to view the poster again without further incident. 
I recommend Safe Straws.”
Pamela Bell, Full-time Carer

“I am a registered nurse; I am happy to report that the ShotBlocker is quite effective, especially if you use it well. I sure do wish I could help promote this in Australia especially this flu season. I really believe this could benefit the people who are deathly afraid of needles and could improve their experiences with vaccination. It works majority of the time.”
RN Bea Tan
“Maddison was constantly getting Swimmer’s Ear; we were getting really sick of using the ear putty, headbands and the constant need for antibiotics. Since using the AfterSwim, she hasn’t had any ear infections. We will definitely be using more of them once my newborn is able to get in the pool.”
– Tara McGill, Mother of 2
“We took AfterSwim on a holiday to Bali with 3 family groups. We spent a lot of time in the pool and were concerned about ear infections. Our 3 year old son loved them!  He was asking for them even after a shower. And we got through the whole trip without one ear problem with 6 children under 6!”
– Sarah Knight, Mother of 2

“AfterSwim were fantastic. We used them last weekend. Easy to use, feel the water bubble burst and absorbs quickly. Compact” 
– Joan Torony

Safe Straws
"I recently trialled a Safe Straw with one of my patients.  This patient had suffered a stroke and was experiencing dysphagia, he was also slightly impulsive.  Before using the Safe Straw, he was requiring constant supervision while drinking to ensure he was taking small sips.  This was something that was really burdensome for his family in a busy household.  The Safe Straw enabled this patient to drink freely without supervision, and allowed his family to rest easy knowing their loved one was able to drink safely."
– Genevieve Wells, A/Senior Speech Pathologist

Safe Straws
"This is a fantastic product! This enabled slower flow fluids to increase the safety of our clients on fluids. There was some frustration with the delay of the straw, but I feel this frustration will reduce with more familiarity with use."
Alison, Speech Pathologist

Safe Straws
"I have used the SafeStraws with numerous adult clients with dysphagia (i.e. eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties). Following an extended trial of the SafeStraws with regular fluids, the assistive technology was found to provide the clients with a small amount to be able to control the fluid accepted, minimise the risk of aspiration and maintain independence with drinking."
– Jessica Glover, Speech Pathologist in the Disability Sector

“We have ordered some AfterSwim and the health workers say it is very effective. They are amazed how much water it soaks up”
– Bee Choon Chews, Clinical Nurse-Community Health, Kalgoorlie